Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing Original...

Another meme...because I can.

This one I saw at Jodie's and Mama Belle's blogs.

Here goes.

If you could be invisible where would you go?

I'd hang out with my kids at school to see how they interact when I'm not around. Or I'd follow the current president around or I'd hang out at Heth's house to see if it's as much fun to be a part of their fam as I think it is :)

What was your favorite book growing up?

Are You There God, it's Me Margaret...and Where the Red Fern Grows.

Where is the worst place you've had to wait?

Four years ago I was newly preggo and very nauseous with Jake. I went to vote in the presidential election and I had to wait at the extremely hot community building in a long line with two little ones and people who did not smell so good. But dang it, MY VOTE COUNTED! :)

Name a food that nauseates you.

Bananas. *gag*

If you could read minds, whose would you want to read?

None. Just the thought of it frightens me beyond words.

What's the worst grade you've ever gotten?

On what? A Class, a paper, a test? No matter...that would be an F. We learn from failure, right?!?

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Odie. He's livin' the dream.

If you were a teacher what grade would you teach?
Do I have to? I love teaching Bible Club and my new Sunday School class of teenage girls...but lets face it, that's a total of 2 hours, 2 days a week. The thought of twenty some kids, 5 days a week, ALL day long...God Bless all the teachers!!!!!

How close to fist place have you ever gotten in a limbo contest?

Ummm...not close. I am not flexible. At all. I am not a limbo fan. Count me out.

Maybe I'll come up with an original thought for tomorrows post...maybe.


  1. Uhhh...limbo contest...I stink at those too. I always ending up holding the pole cause I would get out so soon. So, I'm right there with you on not being a limbo fan!

  2. Bananas? That's funny! :)

  3. I am going to do this tomorrow. After reading Mama Belle's I was thinking about the invisible question and came up with the same thing! Now I feel like I need to come up with something else. Hmmm.

    But I do have a limbo story. I am not sure it really answers the question, but oh well, it is my blog, right!

  4. bananas???? ok, now my coffee and pancake syrup aversion is not so weird after all ;-)

  5. Bananas? We are kindred spirits!!

    I loathe them!


    BTW - I got a really cool package in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to go to Starbucks...and to Target...and the shower!!!

    You are the best!!!!

  6. I posted mine too. I have to say though...Bananas?
    That is really funny.
    Sarah you never cease to make me laugh.

  7. are you there God, it's me margaret....i had totally forgotten about that book! especially being w/ all boys now, i'm sure that one won't be at the top of the list on our trip to the library!

    and bananas? have you tried them frozen w/ chocolate? cuz you know chocolate covers a multitude of nasties right? hmm, very interesting stuff on here. its fun to find out more about you.

  8. Good answer to the invisible question... I would totally want to do that, too!

    I looooovvveed Where the Red Fern Grows. I went through a raccoon stage, I think. :)

    Oh and I've had many many F's... I was thinking Final Grade's. Otherwise, many an F has appeared on my assignments. Many an F.

    Odie is definitely livin' the dream. That dog has clearly GOT IT MADE. Smart dog. He's got y'all right where he wants you. He's probably thinking, "man, my pet's are so eeeeasy." :)

    I'm glad you did this too! I love reading these things!

  9. I LOVED Where the Red Fern Grows. No wonder I love you so much! ;)

  10. Odie and Roxy Belle are one in the same ... definitely livin' the dream.

    I totally would want to hear what my kids said and did when I wasn't around. Darn it! That was a way better answer than "The Bad Kitty."

    And I used to loathe bananas, until I started forcing myself to eat them because of the nutrition and all. Try them with peanut butter and then progress slowly. I'm still not a huge fan, but beets are way worse.

  11. I would love to watch my kiddos at school and day care as well! I try to sneak in sometimes and check things out, but I would love to be there longer to observe their interactive behavior!

  12. If I found out you were invisible and hanging around my house, first I would be mortified. What if I was singing loudly or dancing around "like no one is watching." Then I would punish you and put you to work doing laundry. Because it's not fun times all the time around here, it's chores. And I can use all the help I can get.

    How can you not like bananas? Really?

  13. well, this was original to me b/c i hadn't seen this meme before.

    bananas...i used to love them...until they were all i could stomach for months on end w/both pregnancies...so if anyone sees me eating bananas, or sprite or crackers for that matter...i must be pregnant.

  14. heehee! people who did not smell so good. But dang it, MY VOTE COUNTED! :) totally made me lol!

  15. to answer your question, i use hal higdon's plan. i've used it for the full and the 1/2 and i love it.

    you need to run it next year and then we can meet up there. :)

  16. I cried reading Where the Red Fern Grows. What a great book!

  17. I request to hear more about the bananas, please!!!!! I am so curious.....


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