Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Random for a Title

Today I Am...

  • realizing that I have not left the house since Sunday...except on Tues. when I took the kids to school...about 4 blocks away. I'll try to refrain from whining about the weather today, but seriously, it's -45 is cancelled because pretty much everything is FROZEN. Waaaaah. There. Done.
  • working on the Beth Moore Study, Living Beyond Yourself. It is kicking me in the tail...right where I need to be kicked. Good, good stuff.
  • excited to tell you that the author, Mindy Starns Clark, of my favorite little book right now...The House That Cleans Itself, emailed me to say she'd be sending me THREE more copies of the book to GIVEAWAY to you wonderful people! YAY! (and even if you've bought it already, you can still totally enter to win it as a gift to pass along!) I'll do that giveaway as soon as the books are here. You can also check out her blog has lots of great tips from the book...and MAYBE you could let her know I sent ya ;)
  • wishing my sweet friend Heth a super-happy-frozen tundra-kids home from school-birthday today! When it thaws out a little, Starbucks is on me :)

Happy Thursday my friends....and if you live down south and it is warm there...go outside and enjoy it it...for me :)


  1. Wow is it ever cold!! I left the house for work, cause I needed to get out!!!

    Keep smilin!

  2. yea for more giveaways!!! maybe... hopefully i will win one this next time around :)

    and thanks for telling me about her blog - awesome! going there now to check it out!

    hope it warms up soon & you can get out of the house. i go crazy being in our house too much! ha

  3. Will do. It's only 50 degrees here today. Yay!

    They profiled Iowa this morning on the weather channel and it said it was -37 below. I thought about you when I saw that and I hope you're staying warm!

  4. I guess that cold is relative. It is about 20 here but that is much better than -45......
    However, I don't think I will be spending much time out in that weather today. Only to do my pick up's from school and go get some needed groceries.....
    Stay warm my friend!

  5. Look at you, all buddybuddy with published authors. I'm going over to check out Mindy's blog. Maybe she'll inspire me to unload the office clutter/trash/chaos that I sit in every time I blog and have yet to tackle. :-)

  6. Man, I thought it was cold here, but you've got us beat! We're in the single digits.

  7. I was reading your organizing post. I just did that last year. 2008 was the year of peace & simplicity for me, and I kicked it off with going through every room in the house & getting rid of anything I didn't absolutely love or need. I'm not done with my attic either...but that's a seasonal kind of job. I'll have to check the book out.

    Congrats on all your hard work!

  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for the blog plug. Looks like some of your readers have already paid a visit.

    Sorry it's so cold there! Here's a little tip for when the weather has your kids at home. When mine were small, I would plug our camcorder into the tv, put it next to it, and turn it on. The kids were dumbfounded to watch themselves on the tv screen in real time and were soon dancing around the living room, laughing and squealing. There's no need to record, just letting the image transfer is good enough for them and can fill hours that otherwise might be spent making a mess, LOL.

    God bless you and yours, and thanks again for spreading the word about my blog and my book!

    Mindy Starns Clark

  9. I heard on the radio that it was -45 in N. Dakota today. Don't know where you are, but that's about 90 degrees colder than where we live! I can't even imagine!

    Woohoo about more giveaways. I just can't get this house to clean itself to save my life!

  10. Dude. It is soooo cold. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll totally take you up on that Starbucks offer. Yippee!

  11. I popped over to Mindy's page and gave you a shout-out! So sorry for the deep chill that's got you housebound! I hope you can whip up some comforting hot food/drink to make you all warm inside!

    P.S. Loved Mindy's suggestion with the camcorder! What a hoot!

  12. I'm freezing my patootie too. So cool about the book! I'll go check out the blog.

  13. Brrrr. That' some serious cold. I guess comparing to you, we're having a heat wave at a high of +22!

  14. Wow! What a little cheer leader you are for that book!

  15. stinking nutso i tell you. stay inside, crank up the heat, and play beach boys..

  16. Thanks for the referral to Mindy's blog! I went there and gave you the credit. There are a lot of your followers who have been there. What a nice lady! I told Al how cold you said that it was and he thought I must be mistaken. He said it could not be because it only got to minus 12 here last night. I thought he knew Iowa better than that! I believe you! Arlona

  17. If you would like to amaze your boys, do this little science experiment for them.

    Get some very hot water in a mug or cup, go to your door, open it and the throw the water up in the air - REMEMBER TO HANG ON TO THE MUG/CUP.

    What they will see . . . the water turn into steam in the air and the remainder of the water will freeze in the air and drop to the ground as ice.

    When it is this cold - we are very cold here as well - the water freezes instantly.

    Hugs . . . stay warm Dear Friend.

  18. I'm glad you enjoyed "freaky deaky." Use it sparingly and gently as you would fine crystal.

  19. We laugh at the sounds our car makes when it is this cold! We you try to start it, it sounds like it is coughing up a lung or something. It kinda sounds like me when I'm cold - whine, whine, whine.....

    Stay warm!

  20. I hear you about the cold, we had school cancelled today because of the cold. I have cabin fever, as do my kids. We went to Target today just to get out of the house! I am loving your blog, your post yesterday made me smile! Thanks!

  21. Enjoy your time locked up in your house with your family. Stay warm and cozy.

  22. are you serious? it really gets that cold?

    and i'm complaining about +28 here.


  23. WHAT?!

    OH Sarah! Bless your sweet little heart!

    That is toooooo cold.

  24. You need a Snugglie! You know one of those blanket thingies with arms they sell on TV.

    Living Beyond Yourself kicked my tail too. BOTH TIMES I did the study!

    Wishing you warmer days...


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