Friday, February 27, 2009

It's What We Do Around Here...

I've been doing my best to not whine to ya'll too much about how tired I am of the weather here.

But I am lamenting. If that even makes sense...which it probably doesn't, but I don't care...I like the sound of it :)

Two things I want the MOST:

  1. To be able to run outside 3 days a week without freezing my butt off.

  2. A little get rid of this pasty whiteness...and some green grass and flowers would be nice too.

Yes, I am aware that's more than two things...stop counting.

There are some fun things going on over here in the parsonage though.

Exhibit A:

Exercising...not by me. I figured if it kept them entertained, why not.

I know what you're all thinking...Who's the girl?!? Meet Charleigh (which I happen to think is the cutest name ever) Charleigh is joining us during the days for a little while, and let me tell you she is the cutest little thing, we're all a little smitten with her around here. Imagine that.

Especially after Jake plasters her with band aids.

I'll never understand the lure band aids have over my children.


  1. She is a cutie and how strange it must be to have a girl around. I wouldn't know anything about that! (I have 3 boys too) I understand your lamenting, I'm doing it too. I'm tired of all the ice, wind and frozen body parts. I will welcome spring with open arms and will not complain once when it is hot this summer! Here's hoping Spring is just around the corner!

  2. For real (about the band aids)! They hurt when they come off!!

  3. I don't envy your weather. My in-laws live in Iowa and I'm always bragging about our 70 degree weather in Feb. Cute little girl. We have a friend with a little girl named Charleigh too. BTW, I am loving the book. Not doing everything because I had already started some things on my own but I do think she is great.

  4. I am lamenting, too! We got 6 inches of snow yesterday - and it's -9 wind chill right now. Luckily, it's my day off and I am staying inside! :) And, as I was on the elliptical this morning, I was looking around, thinking "the first of March is an ok time for it to be spring INSIDE the house, isn't it?" Spring decorations will be going up today. Maybe that will help my cabin fever... a little... :)

  5. Your family is growing by the day!


  6. Girl I am with you on the weather! I cam hardly take it, I know I have too, but like you, I just want to complain a little!

    And the bandaid thing. . .it hits every kid in every household. I buy them and totally hide them and don't let anyone know we have them. When they are needed they
    "magically" appear. Of course, I get asked over and over where they are because its not just the little ones who want them its the big boys too! Ya' just gotta' love

  7. how fun for you to have a girl around- if you want more, I've got a few you can borrow :)

  8. I keep longing for green like I never have before. And yes, she is a cutie pie. What is the hold that Band Aids have on all children? No pun intended.

  9. Seriously. What IS it with band aids? Oh wait. They're boys and band aids are sticky and cover things that are bloody and gross. I guess that must be it.

    I too want to complain about our weather. EW. SICK of it. Snow storm again yesterday. A LOT of snow. I lament with you.

  10. i keep my neice 3 days a week & my boys just adore her. just something about a cute little girl & my boys want to kiss & hug all over her!!!

  11. I'm ready for the cold to be gone too. I'll lament with you. Charleigh is adorable with her little blue bandaid.

  12. It was so sunny today and LOOKED like it was beautiful out side... NOT!!! It was freezing!!!!

    Did I mention I totaly lost in in Cedar Falls yesterday when it started hailing. I hit a slick spot and was all over all 3 lanes. Praise the Lord there were NO other cars around!

  13. a Band Aid to a child is like peanutbutter to jelly! They go hand in hand!

    I agree, could we get just a little bit of green?? I will have to admit, here in Tennessee I did see some yellow buttercups peeking through today, so Spring is right around the corner! Yay!

  14. She is adorable.

    Exercising. Why didn't I think of that? (For the kids, I mean.)

  15. You don't understand the lure of band aids? Come on... yes you do....

  16. A girl!?! She is darling.

    I have those exercise bands...your house seems to be getting more use out of them.

  17. I could not agree with you MORE about the weather...we just had another snow...egh. I'm banning snow. Forever. ;)

  18. I'm also with you on the weather! My parents live in Maine and have about 20 inches of snow!!! No thanks. My neighbor had some daffodils pop up & I was so excited that I ran out & snapped a pic of them!!

  19. She is a doll!

    And Savannah has this thing with bandaids too...she would go through an entire box in a day if I didn't watch her. For completely non-existent owies, too.

  20. She is ADORABLE.
    What does she think of the boys?
    No joke my word verif is: amenpit

  21. Charleigh?! How CUTE!

    Band aids can cure a multitude of problems. Imaginary or real. Love them!


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