Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just For a Time...

Have you ever notice how your blog sort of takes on a life of it's own?  Mine has.  At least if feels that way.  It started as a place to just sort of journal when I felt like it...and then actual readers come along.  And then readers and bloggers became friends...who knew!?!?  And when I don't blog, I feel outta the bloggy world loop...as if I'm missing something.

And then I start to wonder...am I running my blog, or is it running me?   

And here's my dilemma.  It's summer.  It's tons-o-fun.  I love all my readers and blogs I read, I really, REALLY do.  But no matter how fun blog-life is...it can't compare to real life, which is just so much better.  

SO, I'm stepping back a little for Summer time.  I'll still be here to fill your lives with information that you really didn't even need to know, it just won't be as often...maybe a couple times a week. 

Your mind will thank me later.

My reading and commenting on your posts is likely to be less than stellar as well.   No worries though...come the end of summer I'll be back in full swing.  

I just didn't want you to think I was snubbing you.

Or being rude...I hate rudeness.

Or that some natural disaster had decided to strike.

Or that I'd fallen of the face of the earth. 

I'm just enjoying my family,warm weather, green grass, the public pool, and hot dogs at the baseball diamond.

Speaking of hot dogs...last night at the t-ball game I ate a hot dog and nachos for supper.  It's amazing what I'll eat in order to not have to cook.  God bless Mondays for the month of June...and God bless t-ball games....and Summer.

Did I mention I love Summer?  

ONE more thing...it is now officially LESS than 2 months till Julie comes!

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  1. Happy Summer!!

    I've taken a step back, too...I think a number of people have.

    Wahoo for Julie!

  2. Blog life, indeed, can not compare with real life in the summer!! SO many good times. Taking a step back form blogging makes alot of sense. :) Although yours is one of my favorite reads and I love your dose of random fun into my day. :) SO - I will miss it, but i will be enjoying all of the loves of summer right along with you.

  3. you will be missed... have fun & soak up those sweet boys! ;)

  4. doesn't it feel like signing a year book?
    Have a great summer, see you in blog land next year...

  5. I hear ya! My summer blogging will be considerably less, as we're on the ball field & tennis courts much of the week. Real life trumps bloggy life any day of the week :-)

  6. I am almost at that point, too. Our summer vacation starts next month (my poor kids were so choked when they found out lots of my blogging friends' kids were done already!!) and I'll be looking at a break then, too. Rest is good - it recharges us and gets us ready for the next season in our lives. Enjoy!

  7. I sure hope you won't be gone too long, 'cause I'd miss your writing something awful. :)

  8. Enjoy your summer!! BUT....PLEASE post when Julie arrives!! We are all waiting with you!!

  9. Enjoy your bloggy time off. Summer is great! (except when it's 152 degrees down here)

  10. Yikes!! 152!! I am really rooting for 80!
    Anyway, I am a less than stellar blogger to begin with, but with the advent of summer I am sure it will only get worse!
    (so glad I get to run into you thru the summer!)
    Julie!!! Yeah!!!

  11. I know just how you feel. I've been feeling the same thing (though not necessarily by choice, I'm just in a really busy season right now).

    Enjoy your summer (and hot dogs) with your handsome boys!

  12. Enjoy your summer Sarah! And I look forward to hearing (seeing) your updates and I look forward to Julie arriving at your house. It'll be nice to get to know her some.
    In HIM -


    ps - just in case I don't get to tell you I hope your bible school this summer is a rousing success!!

  13. I feel the same way! After struggling with the identity of my blog (am I really a serious shopaholic anymore?) & saying hello to the most beautiful baby ever (yup, I'm partial!) I haven't posted in over a week. Oops! But, life is just so much more fun! Hopefully we'll all catch up over the winter, when it's too unbearable to go to the mailbox, let alone venture outside for a walk! At least we'll have lots to write about! Enjoy your summer!

  14. I've already missed having my Life in the Parsonage fix, but I figured it was a summer type thing. I'm right there with ya, hope to see you at the pool a couple of times.

  15. I agree with you. I imagine mine will be cutting back some too. Gotta live some life so I can have something fresh to blog about! lol

  16. You're very cute. I would not be surprised if most of us do the same thing. I feel myself heading that way too, now that our ministry school is graduated & summer is calling me outside!
    Have a fun summer, we release you from the "bondage" of blogland! :)

  17. Wishing you a summer of great things!!

  18. I'm doin' the same thing! We are heavy into the softball season and yes, hot dogs and nachos are the norm for dinner while at the ballpark :}

    Our foreign exchange student from Spain comes in on 8/10. We can't wait!!!

  19. well i guess that just means i'll have to catch up with you over lunch or supper sometime. you, me, and beth are going out soon!!!!

  20. i'm doing the same thing... just enjoying the kids this summer. too many changes, too much to discovery in the new town to be sitting at the computer! haha

    your post will be missed - i love everything you write :)

  21. Happy Summer!!!

    I can't wait until my kido's are home for the summer!!!

    Check in every once in a while. I'm doing another giveaway right now!

  22. It was a liberating moment when I realized my blog was NOT my life, it is something I can pick up...OR LAY DOWN (lie down?) whenever I want. Enjoy your summer and blog when you can--we'll be here to read when you do! :-)

  23. Yep.


    Today is Day One of my summer vacation, and I'm doing a lot of thinking about how to make it a great one.

    Scaling back on the blogging is in the Top 10 list.

    Part of me hates that, because I love my blogging friends.

    But real life (and the sunshine) beckons.

    Plus, the great thing about feed readers is, we'll be here whenever you need us. ;-)

  24. Happy Summer!! Enjoy! Maybe I'll see you. And it won't be as embarassing as last time....


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