Monday, June 22, 2009

He's Got My Attention.

Friday I blogged that it felt like somone was messing with me.

Turns out...the messing was/is not quite over.

I find that unfortunate.

The rest of the story:

Ben's car is old and on its last leg of life...but it gets him to work and back...and it's paid we heart that '91 Buick. But Saturday, the good 'ol Buick pretty much gave us fair warning that it would like to rest in peace...soon. It's timing on this...not so good.

Meanwhile...two different people in our tiny church suffered small heart attacks, both are ok, but recovery is long...

Sunday evening we were at church and Ben was preaching a particularly great sermon when the tornado sirens went off in tiny town. Our church has no basement. When I heard the deacon announce "everyone to the parsonage basement" I had to laugh...because my 100 year old basement/toy room is, quite frankly, a messy pit. I quickly replayed the conversation I'd had with myself just a couple days prior. It went something like this:

This basement is a pit. I should really pick up all the toys. Nah...the boys will just mess it up again and one ever sees it.

Famous last words.

So, everyone at church filed down into my basement. And oddly enough...I didn't even really care that they saw the big mess. I have three boys. I have bigger problems to worry about.

Hello. My name is Sarah...and I have a messy basement (and garage.)

The weather cleared enough for all but one family to go home. Pete and his three boys were able to hang out for awhile till the storm passed. Pete's wife is taking a class and working right now, and he shared that it had been a long day and he'd gotten inside and thought to himself that it would really be easier to stay home tonight rather than driving (the half hour) to church. But he figured if it was going to storm, he'd rather be at church than at home.

Ben and I were so thankful he had. God used him to encourage us...when we didn't even realize we needed encouragement. Pete shared some things he was praying about for us and our church...big things...and I laughed.

Remember another Sarah that laughed at God's big plans? Yeah.

Pete said to me, you laugh...but God can do it.

And he is right. God can do it. I never fail to believe that God can do big things. But I so often fail to believe that He will do big things. Because I feel I don't deserve for Him to do such things.

And then He reminds me it's not about being deserving. He's given me above and beyond what I deserve. And at the same time spared me some horrible consequences, that naturally speaking...I totally deserved.

This week has brought me to my a good way. God's got my attention, and right now I'm almost giddy with anticipation to see what He's got planned.


  1. I can't wait to see what He has planned for you either.
    I love stories like this.

  2. You had me laughing at "Hello my name is Sarah and I have a messy basement" ya! Hang in there!

  3. Really appreciate your post today. Thanks for the reminder that God CAN do big things. Like many people, my family is going through some tough times right now, and sometimes I forget that God is Great. He has great plans. I just need to stop worrying and start looking for Him and what He's doing. Have a wonderful day!

  4. just be thankful you HAVE a basement. we don't have those when tornadoes blow thru texas!

    praying for ya and glad y'all are okay!

  5. God DOES DO THINGS HUGE . . . doesn't he?

    My garage looks like a tornado hit and at times, so does my house . . . boys will be boys.

  6. My main thought while reading this post?

    "I wish I had of been there so I could have hung out in her basement with her."


  7. The basement thing really puts things in perspective, huh? Love that you first panicked like most of us and then your second thought was "Who cares?".

  8. Sarah, this was very touching.
    I loved this: "Remember another Sarah that laughed at God's plans?"

    Pastor John talked about Sarah and Abraham just this weekend too...

    I love how things come up all over just for us to hear God.

  9. perfect timing on this post! especially this line: I never fail to believe that God can do big things. But I so often fail to believe that He will do big things.
    You made me realize that this is where I am......and I have some praying to do.

  10. goose bumps and tears! thanks again for sharing your heart and journey with the Lord!

  11. Too funny. Things like that ALWAYS happen when the house is the messiest. A few years back, I was in work, but my husband was home (in the parsonage) when a lady came to our day saying she lived in that house at one time and wanted to see it after all the years...blah, blah, blah. Turns out my husband let her in and gave her the tour. I almost died when I got home from work and found out. It was a disaster!!!

    Glad all is well and you are all safe.

  12. "I never fail to believe that God can do big things. But I so often fail to believe that He will do big things." Wow, that sentence really resonated with me.....this is such a great post. Life with God is never dull, that's for sure!!

  13. Remember Sarah did laugh.....and then got pregnant!
    Maybe it will be a girl!
    Just kidding with you!
    Hi, my name is Stephanie. I too, have a messy basement and 3 boys.

  14. I would have freaked if the deacons had announced this! Funny how God helps us put everything in perspective. God is able and willing to do BIG things when we get out of the way. So, Sarah with a messy basement, get out of the way:0) Can't wait to hear what He's doing!!

  15. Man - I would freak if folks were sent to my basement! What a mess - Laundry - Christmas stuff and everything else you never knew existed.

    Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you... I'm so glad He does not show us in advance... Joy is in the journey.

  16. wow! You were a real trooper with the basement thing. I believe I would have taken my chances with the tornado. :)

    Praying that things only go up from here... Blessings!

  17. I can't wait to see what He has in store for you.

    And, if people randomly had to go down to my basement, I might throw up.

  18. umm..... i wanna know what he said that made you laugh... might actually have ta call ya! *smile*

  19. I so loved singing again "Shine, Jesus Shine" Sunday. I bawled all the way thru it in the AM. There are many prayers for revival to start in our area and in each heart and life of the people in our church.
    I am so excited!!

  20. Who would ever thunk that that entire church congregation would come to your basement. I am now looking fearfully around, wondering what my church family would see besides the half eaten rum cake on the counter. (breakfast)
    I am excited for you to see God working there. Awesome.

  21. Oh, Sarah, how awesome! I'm glad everyone was okay during the tornado warning!

  22. I just Love how you are REAL...and that even when life is happening you give God glory! Praying you see those GREAT things soon! Sweet blessings!

  23. I know the Sarah you're talking about who laughed...I catch myself doing that quite often...somehow, I think it's in our blood...Sarah=Laughter, I guess! :) Glad for the Faith God instills even when we laugh at what we THINK is impossible. God is a much bigger God than that!


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