Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last Saturday was another 7 mile run on the training schedule.  It hurt.  I didn't particularly like it. A point that I probably mentioned to my running partner, Billie, about 234 times...approximately.   Granted, I think most of the time she couldn't hear me because of her ipod, but still.

Any of you who have a running partner, or any kind of exercising partner know that it is a unique relationship.  You sweat, hurt, push, sympathize, complain, laugh, and overcome...together.  

There's a raw honesty.  No pretenses.  No facades.  

We talk about things on the trail that I would not likely share with anyone else...mostly dealing with weird bodily stuff that occurs while running.  Like what, you ask?  Can't tell you...because there's a rule.

What's said on the trail...stays on the trail.

Ok, well not everything has to stay on the trail.  We had a little conversation about Spandex that I thought I would highlight for you.  

It all started because we'd overheard someone make a comment about a recent 5k walk/run.  The walkers were a little "put-off" by the runners need to wear such tight clothing.  This is particularly amusing to me, because my non-runner self used to think the exact. same. thing.

I figured all those runners I saw in their Spandex were just showing off.  And while I passed them in my mini-van, while munching on french fries, I thought, c'mon people...we know you're not lazy, but do you really need to rub it in with the spandex?!?

And then I became a runner who ran for longer than five miles...and then I GOT it.

Here's the deal on Spandex:
  • It is not an option when running long is a necessity.
  • Loose, cotton clothing does ONE thing when running for a long rubs.  It chafes.  It causes unmentionable soreness in unmentionable places...get my drift?!?  
  • The only people that actually look good in spandex are Olympic athletes.  Period.
There's something else I've learned too.  Runners have no shame.  Pride is checked at the door when headed out for a run.  I wear stuff out that door that, if I were not totally distracted by the process of running, I would NEVER be caught dead in.  But when I head out for that's about the run and whatever it's gonna take to make the process a little more comfortable.  

It's the only time in my life that comfort trumps cuteness.  *smile*


  1. I can't tell you how impressed I am with your running!! Keep it up!!

  2. is it ok if i just live my running through you? you know, since the chiropractor put the breaks on mine?

    great job.

    oh, and thanks for clearing up the confusion with spandex. i used to think the same thing! ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing the tips. I guess I'll have to become a little better at running before I start participating in the "bodily functions" conversations. :)

    And I'm the exact opposite: my comfort always trumps my cuteness. :)

  4. So true. All of it. Running is the only time I allow myself to walk out the door in spandex. Not a pretty sight, but it makes me FEEL like an athlete, and it makes me run better. :)

  5. Thank you! Thank you!! I started running last summer and oh how I know what you mean about the cotton. But, 2 half mary's later, I still hadn't tried the spandex. No one told me. I wondered, but wasn't bold enough to just try it and see. And so, I chaffed. I have been told that vaseline helps with the chaffing and it does, but oh what a mess. I am doing another long run at the end of this summer. You better believe I'll be buying me some spandex now. Thanks for the public service announcement. Now I just need the shirt that says, "Comfort trumps cuteness!"

  6. Now I get it....I wonder if I'll ever graduate to Spandex. So far, I haven't run any more than 5-6 miles, so I'm safe from the chaffing!

    Go girl!

  7. This stuff works Great too!

  8. Umm, I think we need a photo of you and your running partner! hehe!

  9. Yes yes yes! I agree with everything you said. Except I have to get new tights. I wore mine again last night and they rub on the small of my back. I have a blister there. I figured out it's from the zipper of the pocket back there. Owie.

    Good job on your training! Keep blogging about it, I love to hear about it!

  10. My husband once made fun of cyclists in their spandex, helmets and other gear...until he became one.

  11. Found your blog from a link on a blog that was linked to... oh, never mind. What I mean to say is, I like your writing.

    I'm a pastor who used to live in a parsonage in a rural area; we were surrounded by rice fields, and I ran on the dirt roads that went around them. I discovered that clothing did indeed make a difference ... although I wasn't hardcore enough for spandex.

    I wrote about my runs on my blog; it's been awhile. Now I live in urban Los Angeles county.

  12. It's totally true.
    Dang I miss running. *sob*

  13. LOL!! Thanks for the lowdown on the spanx. ;)

  14. I was smiling all the way through this post, because I couldn't agree more! Great on your 7 mile run!!!

  15. well, you write really good! I'm one of Julie's best friends back in Norway. I hope you really like her when she comes over :)
    Inger LIll

  16. I just wanted to add, that running is so mental! I have been a runner for over 10 years(with a marathon under my belt), and always find myself during a run saying stuff like, 'Quit, it hurts, etc'. One thing that sticks in my mind, was reading a book by ultramarathoner Pam Reed. She writes in her book that you can always to more than you THINK you can. This is so profound to me, because it's so true. Hope this helps maybe a little. When is your 1/2?


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