Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pan of Deliciousness

I posted the recipe for this beautiful pan of deliciousness last year. (they really do taste delicious...it's my poor photography skills that do it injustice.)

I've actually had requests from bloggers for the recipe again. I think it may be the only thing anyone has ever asked me to repeat. Yep, they are that good. For the record, it's not really my recipe, I got it from my Aunt Dawn. On behalf of everyone, Thank You Aunt Dawn!

You can click HERE for the recipe.


And so it is....the added winter poundage begins....now.


  1. If I can talk my hubby into stopping by the store to pick up some cream cheese on his way home tonight, guess what I'll be eating for breakfast in the morning???


    Heavenly Goodness!


  2. Yum! I made this last year when you posted the recipe.

  3. Those sound delicious...I love pumpkin bars!

  4. It's going to be painfully obvious here that I did not take up running.
    I never lost the poundage from LAST winter ;) ahem.
    Are you still planning a trip north?

  5. i have been thinking about baking... thank you!

    they look yummy :)

  6. oooh, they look delish! :D I should be trying these for sure!

  7. I have heard of these famous (& delicious) bars. I am so glad to have the recipe now. Can't wait to try them.

  8. Thanks! I have 3/4 of a can of pumpkin pie filling in my fridge that I didn't know what to do with, I think I know now!

  9. good grief - that looks fantastic!!! adding pumpkin to the grocery list...


  10. .....going to have to make these as soon as I get home!!! Yummmmmy! ~Brittney

  11. A good friend and I both made these last year...We've been looking for a reason to make them again this Fall. So yummy!!

  12. I made these last fall, too! I can attest to their yumminess. :)

  13. I made up a double batch of these this afternoon . . . just waiting for them to cool so we can frost and then devour them!

  14. Just one more reason to love fall!!!!

  15. Ok, I made these yesterday and I can.not.stop.eating.them.

    ohhhhh my goodness!

    I tweaked them a bit and used a Gluten Free flour so my youngest could enjoy too and they are di.vine. :)

    Thanks again!


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