Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Thinking...

This week I had to share some bad news with my brother.  It just so happened that earlier in the same day, he'd gotten some really great news.  He texted me back, saying "that's the story of my life, whenever something good happens then something bad happens."  

My response:  That's the story of everyones life.

That's life.  I tend to try to keep a check and balance thing going, finding some contentment if the "good things" side of the scale outweighs the "bad."  But that's not how life works.  And it's certainly not how my God intends me to view it.  Life is always good stuff and hard stuff going on simultaneously.  

My perception of the bad is often what He intends for good.  

I can't shake the words of Paul, in the book of Philippians where he says, 

for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.  I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. (4:11-13)
Contentment is not easily attained.  Especially in today's society, even among believers.

We sing a song at church...Count Your Blessings.  Count your blessings, name them one by one...count your many blessings see what God has done.  Even in the hard stuff of life, there is blessing from Him to be found.  Sometimes we just need to look at it through His perspective.


  1. OH Sarah, do I struggle with contentment! I start getting down on stuff, being a "have not", getting one step ahead only to go three steps back. Then I try to think in terms on WORLDLY scale in which I would definatly fall in the "HAVES", but then I start feeling awful that I can't just open my fridge and hand someone in Africa an apple and a sandwich...
    No, contentment is NOT easily attained, and after todays Yoga class I can't seem to find my balance either! ;)

  2. Very well said Sarah and thanks for the reminder. And the #1 blessing is the very best of all...His Son!

  3. I was having this conversation with a friend today. I told her that I feel like my veneer of happiness has been stripped away, but I feel also that joy is still there. The joy in placing my hope in Christ and His imminent return. If that was always my focus, perhaps I wouldn't sweat the temporary stuff as much.

  4. How do you balance contentment with out being complacent? How do you be content all the while striving to be better? I'm not just talking about tangible stuff but the intangible too. I fear that in my contentment I am too complacent and the important stuff passes me by right along with the little stuff. Sometimes I feel so defeated I find myself saying, "Why bother"?

    I really do appreciate your words today because I am ever needful of reminders that only God is sovereign, and he has my best interests at heart.


  5. Well said! I think we often take even the smallest of things for granted, (ie. a smile from a stranger to a good samaritan holding open a door)we fail to realize how fortunate each and everyone of us are.

  6. Thanks for the great post. I've been dealing with some 'news' too and trying to focus on the blessing rather than focusing on how hard it's going to be for awhile.

    Contentment is such a hard thing to learn. However, oddly enough, sometimes I feel the most content when life gets hard. I guess because I tend to look to Him more.

    Thanks for the wise words and reminder of how blessed we truly are.

  7. Contentment is indeed not easily obtained, but I have learned to find it through speaking the Word of God out loud to myself each morning. I used to wake up thinking of all the sad things in my life, but now I quote scripture and I have joy in the Lord.

  8. Great post! Thanks for the reminder to be counting His blessings.

  9. Somehow I missed this the other day. Glad I came back.


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