Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Found Her a Husband

Guess who Lucy and I got to have coffee with.

Seriously, just take a guess.

Click here to meet Lucy's future husband.  There's a picture involved.  But then, you must come back here so I can finish my story.  I'll wait.

So.  Here's the story.  Five years ago we move to tiny town so Ben can make me a Pastor's wife.  In our tiny church is a lovely family who also has three boys.  The mom's name is Trish.  Trish has a sister named Wendi who lives far far away but comes back a couple times a year for a visit.  I get to meet her.  She's very nice.  She also has boys.

A couple years go by and myself and Wendi discovers the wonder that is blog land.  We blog.  We become real life acquaintances and even better blog friends.  It's fun stuff.  

Then, Wendi has a baby boy, and I have a baby girl and they both have hair.  They must marry each other (obviously)  so that we can all live happily ever after.

What about the other 6 boys between the two of us, you ask?  So glad you asked.  If you have girls, we'll start taking applications.  It's never too early.  Hair is not required.  ;)


  1. Hair is not required! Sarah, you crack me up! I just want to know if there will be an open invitation to the wedding since I'm blog friends to you both! That was such a cute picture of Kai and Lucy!

  2. I wondered how you two met! I read (and enjoy) both of your blogs. Congrats on the future marriage ;)

  3. They will make beautiful babies of their own... with hair of course! :)


  4. Lucy is adorable and all, but I think I will wait awhile before I start matchmaking my boys. Although my oldest at three already has several girlfriends.

  5. I have girls! Even better, they're curly girls! :)

  6. I knew Wendi was from Iowa but I didn't realize she had relatives in your area! Lucy and Kai will make the most beautiful bride and groom ;)

    Oh...and I have a beautiful little blonde haired girl with *slightly* curly hair -- and another one on the way -- so if you're taking applications, I've got a couple of candidates for you :)

  7. I love this and I think an arranged marriage is totally appropriate.


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