Monday, September 19, 2011

Make a Difference & Giveaway

If you haven't read yesterdays post.  You'll want to...unless you're one of those people who can jump into the middle of a movie and keep watching till the end, not even caring that you have no idea what happened in the beginning.  Not that I mind that *cough*

Yesterday I mentioned that I am SUPER excited about something...mostly because I love it.  A lot.  And I think you will too.  

Haleigh (from yesterdays post) is going to be going on a Christian Missions Aid trip to Kenya in November.  They'll be working in orphanages and doing other CMA relief and developmental projects.  You can learn more about it here.

To raise funds for the trip, she has put together a lullabies CD called Lullabies for Africa.  There are several different ways you can purchase it for download, all of which you can check out at the website  HERE.  And if you'd like to purchase the CD and case (below) you can here.

I downloaded it last week.  I can't even tell you how much I adore it.  It's a compilation of songs that Haleigh, her friends, and her sisters wrote and sing and it simply blows me away.  Every time I listen to it, I think of those babies in Africa...and I think of my own kids...and I just love it.  It's beautiful and fun, we've been listening to it all day long around here.

I just think it's such a great, creative way to not only raise money, but minister to people.  

It's the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, anyone...and the bonus is that it goes to such a great cause. 

The Lullabies for Africa website will have all the information you need to buy as much as you'd like.  Super simple.  You can even listen to some of the songs first.  We have some favorites in our house.  Bugga Boo is the song we sing non-stop around here.  Even my hubby is humming and singing it.  Right now, as I type this, I can hear (through the baby monitor) Ben whistling it.  For Real.  We also love Rest Your Head, One Two Three, I Love Ya, and Rest Your Head for the get the idea, we like it. 

There are also some ways you can help get the word out, so that everyone everywhere (go big or go home, right?) can get their hands on this music and fund this ministry opportunity.  I can't go to Africa to do the work needed.  Haleigh can.  The least I can do is help...and listen to music. ;)

I'm also excited to be GIVING AWAY a CD as well!  There's a few ways to enter.  For each way you enter, just leave me a separate comment telling me what you did.  

1 - Go to Lullabies for Africa and "Like" on Facebook. (you can also do this from the Lullabies for Africa website.

2 - Mention and link to the Lullabies for Africa website on your blog.

3 - Share the link on Twitter

4 - Purchase a copy or download it from the website (enter yourself twice for that!) and if you win, then mark someone off your Christmas list. ;)

5 - Listen to Bugga Boo and tell me you too cannot stop singing it.

Ok, I think that's it.  

I'm gonna leave the chance to win open till Friday.   Now it's your turn.  Spread the love.

Isn't this fun?!?  


  1. Bugga Boo made me feel good all over as soon as it started playing! It reminds me of my daughter in so many ways! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  2. listened to buggaboo and it is just adorable! it's already trapped in my head. that whistling at the end!! so stinkin' sweet. :)

  3. I listened to Bugga Boo and now, I'm listening to I Love Ya (which I can't get out of my head). Such talented people.. LOVE LOVE!! :)

  4. bought 2 copies of the cd..does that make 4 entries??
    thanks!! LOVE IT :)

  5. Sarah, you're killing me. I'm truly bawling and amazingly blessed by all the nice things you have posted about the girls. (you obviously weren't in our home when they were fighting teenagers).
    Bugga Boo makes me cry every time I listen to it too... shawn too.
    But, the back-back that before Eily was born, Lindsey and Joe wouldn't tell us what name they picked out for her... so Shawn and I decided to name her ourselves. We named her LuLu and told Lindsey and Joe that we were the grandparents, and it doesn't matter what they name her, her REAL name is LuLu. ;) Her eyes do sparkle, her toes do wiggle, and she really is a blessing.

    Thank you Sarah for this great giveaway! And for doing your part to pass the word about Lullabies. I have great dreams that someday it can help many many families adopt children from Africa. Haleigh is so blessed!

  6. Please enter me in the giveaway! I think this is such a great idea. What a lovely way to use creativity and God-given talents.


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