Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I sorta always thought my boys were dirty and grungy looking because, well, they were boys.  And then I had Lucy...

I can't keep this girl clean.  

Before church:

Don't let her big, sweet smile fool you.  She hates that hat.  She rips it off her head immediately.

Sunday night, Ben was putting the boys to bed, and I was sitting on the couch with the laptop...a big red chair obstructing my view of a very quiet 17 month old.

We found why she was so quiet.  We keep forgetting she can reach everything off of the table.  It was a fitting way for her to end the day, since at lunchtime she carried Jake's half-full bowl of chicken tortilla soup over to the shag rug and fed herself in the same manner pictured below.  We're still digging black beans and corn out of the rug.

Maybe our genetics just produce messy kids.  Good thing they're cute.  

PS - Don't forget to go HERE and not only register yourself for a chance to win, but spread the word so that $ can be raised for those precious kids in Africa!  Pretty please.


  1. So funny! I think she's just hungry. ;-) Don't feel bad. My kids are always a mess. I really try, but we always get someplace looking like we slept in our clothes and used them as napkins. In my son's case, it's true. He always uses his shirt for a napkin. My daughter usually rocks the bag-lady look. We're very fashionable. NOT!

    Lucy's smile overshadows the messy clothes anyway.

  2. She is super cute!!! And is so big!


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