Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For the Love of Glitter

Three boys.

And then a girl.

Totally entertaining for me. 

I've heard Dr. Phil say many times, that the most influential person in a child's life is the parent of the same sex.  Our family would be text book Dr. Phil on that point.  

My boys love me.  But they most definitely do not want to be like me.  From the time they were little, they were mimicking daddy...regardless of the fact that they spent all day long with me.  

I'm cool with that.  

Lucy is a whole other story.  She says words in the same tone I do.  She looks around for her purse before we head out the door.  She takes care of her babies all day long.  And sister can dust with a diaper wipe, like none other.

And most importantly...she understands that glitter shoes go with everything.

Notice she's talking on her cell.  Multitasking at its finest.

Glitter is a new favorite at our house.  Thank you Target.

I buy Lucy's squeakers at a cute little shop locally.  They're leather and only $15 there!  You can also get them online here.  This is her fourth pair and we obviously love them. :)  (the squeakers can be removed easily too.)

Glitter is the best.

Then End.


  1. So sweet and so true ... from one glitter-lover to the next.

    I can't believe how fast she's growing up. :)

  2. I noticed your glitter shoes at Bible Study. I found myself trying on glitter shoes at Payless yesterday....and then thinking...maybe not. I am 52 and too much glitter at this age, not a good thing. Reminds me of grandma crafts and ugly sweaters when older people try to pull off young people attire. Love your shoes -- on you!!! :)

  3. Awww so sweet, makes me wish I'd had a girl. But I do love my boys though.

  4. Glitter IS the best.

    If you could see my toes and Beatrix's toes, you might notice they are painted with red glitter polish for the holidays. Yes, the holidays are over but we decided to keep them for awhile. Nobody sees them but us, anyway, since it isn't sandal season. But they make me happy.

  5. sweet :) glitter is fun- as long as it doesn't shed- that drives me crazy.

    oh my. my word verification is bootie. no joke.

  6. Oh, goodness. LOVED this! That lil Lucy is just a doll.

  7. Lucy is so adorable!
    I've been to that shop in CF and oh boy, I could spend a lot of $ there! Amazing little shop!

  8. Thanks for the shoe tip! I love the shoes even though I may not love the squeakers. I will give them a try, though. Isabella's ready for size 5 pretty soon, so it's a good excuse to go buy those soon!


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