Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost Two...

Lucy has been a little gem the past few days.  I'm even saying that without a hint of sarcasm.  Sweet, and cute, and pretty compliant for a nearly two-year-old. Last week...she was the opposite of that.

For real.  Oh, she was still cute and all, but man alive she was killin' me with attitude and whining and whining and WHINING.  Everything was a battle.  I found myself questioning how I had ever survived the toddler years before.  And with my first two children, they were toddlers at the same time.  I must have blocked most of that out, because I look back on it fondly. Even the things that made me crazy at the time.

Things like them digging the poo out of their diapers and wiping it on walls, cribs, toys, carpets...the list goes on.  The training, and warning and disciplining...the all of us.  Good times.  

Lucy's girlie craziness is a whole other ball game though.  The dramatics are insane.  All you mothers of more than one girl...hats off to you!   The battle of the wills began.  Victory was mine.  Right now I'm relishing in it...before the next battle begins.

She has her own will.  Her own agendas.

She looks like her daddy...but that attitude, that determination...that love for Windex...that's from me.

Mood swings.  And tantrums.  

Some days, when the whining never ends, and my patience wears thin...I keep reminding's someday gonna be really, really entertaining.

Even today, as I watch this, it's funny.  It wasn't so much on that day.  Time brings perspective.

Sister loves her some salsa.  

Oh Lucy.  You make me smile.  And pull my hair out.  And smile again.  

I told was quite the day.  I love that little toe sucker. ;)


  1. I told my husband that if we adopted again I'm praying for another BOY! I know exactly what you mean about your sweet little girl. Oh so sweet and oh so.much.DRAMA. :)

  2. OH, Girl Drama!!! With three of those and one who is DEFINITELY a tween --- I'm in the thick of it. I get it.
    Some days all I can do is cry about it because there is NO reasoning with them......

  3. Bwahaha!! Those last two pictures are too adorable!!

  4. I have 2 and 2 and my girls are most def the more challenging... strong WILLS to be sure!!


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