Monday, April 21, 2008

No Turning Back

In the process of revival, this is where I started. At the bottom of a gigantic mountain. I knew it would be tough, but my optimism was high.

This is where I find myself now...

Part way up the mountain and finding the climb tiring and seemingly impossible. The point in the hike when you look up and see the huge rocks yet to climb...and then look down so see how far you've climbed. And it's decision time. Keep going, though it seems impossible, or turn around, slide back down and wonder what might have been. I won't lie...the urge to slide back down and go about life is extremely tempting.

The mountain seems impossible. Feels impossible. I am not kidding when I say it will take a miracle to move some of the mountains. A big miracle.

I find myself running back to God's word...for (constant) re-assurement that the miracles I need are really possible. You know what I find? They are. My God is a big God...bigger than any of these mountains. I just need to believe it and carry on with what He has called me to. It's not about how I feel...or how things seem to be. No more turning around and running back down the mountain. It's all the way this time.

Have any mountains this Monday?

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  1. Wow, thanks for this, Sarah! I have some pretty big mountains of my own. But like you so beautifully said, and even bigger God. When we get to the top, I pray that we will find Him transfigured before us. Keep climbing, girl. He is so worth the climb!


  2. Great post!

    I've always related to the BIblical imagery of the valleys, the mountains, the wilderness. I am literally surrounded by such scenery here in CO, so it lends itself well to my walk/climb with God. It's rarely even or easy.

    But the view! Worth it.

  3. this is the point when rock climbing when your arms get all shaky and you don't think you have the strength to pull yourself up one more time. your hands are sweaty, and just ready to let go. yet your knees are knocking from the fear of falling, and you wonder if it worth the effort, maybe you should have just stayed on the bottom. yet you can almost taste the freedom of the top, it's right there, waiting.
    anyhum, you can do it!!

  4. uh! this is soooo true! he is soooo much bigger than the mountains we worry about!!!!!!!1

  5. Often we have to experience the valley to appreciate the summit. Thanks for your post today.

  6. Just keep climbing, girl! Keeping your eyes on Him the entire time. I know if I keep my sights fixed on Jesus then I am not so easily distracted by what the mountain looks like along the way. Thanks for your post today. I'm climbing with you!

  7. What a great and inspiring post! Smiles!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement. This is what I needed to hear today. 'Believe and keep climbing'.

    PS- I found you by way of Jamie ;o)
    Another pastors wife

  9. oh the mountains and valleys of life... what would we do without them!

    Great analogy ... and I'm cheering you on... actually I'm climbing right beside you & I know there are others... together... WE CAN!

    Just think of the view from the top!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog today... good to know that I am not alone in the clothing clutter.

    Great post today! Perfect words for me to hear, as I feel like I am scaling some pretty rocky terrain these days.


  11. How great to know that there are many climbing with you. When you aren't alone the climb is so much easier!
    I started the "Seeking Him" study on Sunday. I got to the first making it personal part yesterday and was not prepared for how much the answers to those questions would reveal about my heart. It was humbling. It was convicting. And yet, I there was an unexplainable ellement of excitement too. I know that I will not be the same when I complete this part of the journey.
    God is so much bigger than any mountain he sees fit to urge us to climb.
    Thanks for your sensitivity to Him and for sharing with us!

  12. Monday are a mountain! :)

    "It's not about how I feel." I need to tape that to my forehead. Great post Sarah!


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