Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still Learning...

I head a great little clip on the radio yesterday.

I think it was Chip Ingram, but I'm not for sure. Here's my interpretation.

He talked about how we measure our spiritual growth. How do we know if we are growing in Christ? Is it by standards such as faithfully spending time in God's Word, prayer, tithing, church attendance?

He noted that those are all great things, but if the apostle Paul were asked the question, he would probably not use those criteria. He would most likely ask himself, "Am I loving Christ more and am I loving others more?"

Wow. That there is the kicker. The heart of the issue. The external stuff is all good stuff, but alone, without loving Christ and others more, it's meaningless.

Interesting how we, as people, love to judge ourselves and others FIRST on outside criteria, rather than looking at ourselves and others and examining how loving we are. I do it all the time...but now, I am using a new standard, for myself and others.

First: "Am I growing in my love for Jesus and others?"
Second: "How is it shown?"
Good stuff.

On another totally random thought: Last night I got a new (super kind) comment on this post (you should go look at the comment ;). I didn't recognize the name so I clicked on their profile. Turns out it was the Pastor in the article I wrote about! How cool is that?!? Ya never know who's reading or how they found you...which makes blogging fun and intimidating all at the same time :)

OK...back to the Olympics...which by the way, is KILLING me at night...I'm so tired! I'm even recording it, but who can go to bed and not see the results?!? Not I!


  1. Love the leggings! Or in the south we say...leggins. I've always wanted to try that look and you've inspired me to do so. I'm curious...what department of the store do you find leggins?

  2. Good lesson, here. I've been learning that myself as I move in a different ministry direction...which I hope will cause me to love others more (and Jesus, too!)

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Very cool that Pastor found and commented on your article! You're right...you just never know!

    You're so cute with your Olympic addiction. Love it! Glad USA is making quite a showing!


  4. What a great post! This is so true, so thank you for the reminder!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I can't believe after all my hours of websurfing I've never come across your blog before. I'm sure I could learn some things from you. Any tips? :)

  5. you are famous!! LOVING THE OLYMPICS TOO! wondering if we should all get some industrial strength under eye concealer for the luggage under our eyes?? ;-) (or is it just me--smiles--)

    that is some good stuff too, meaningless is a huge word to ponder....

  6. So true! I always think about when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was and He said, "Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind, and soul and lover you neighbor as yourself." You're right the other stuff is good, but if we'd all keep this commandment at the forefront of our Christian walk, everything else would fall into place. Love God and your neighbor ... that's it!

  7. BTW, BFF ... you would probably be so appalled that I haven't watched one second of the Olympics. Enjoy your watching.

  8. Good stuff, Sarah, good stuff. And now I'm going to bed and I'll be thinking about this until I fall asleep.

    I am so with you...I've been staying up WAY too late watching all things Olympics...I think it will be such a letdown and a relief all at the same time when it's over.

  9. Great post! It kinda goes along with what we talked about at bible study the othe night. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for this.
    What a reminder. And I totally agree. THere are many, many, many folks out there who "DO" all the right things -- but does it really change who they are? Make a difference in their actions?

    Again -- thanks for the reminder that while all the things we "do" aren't bad -- we gotta have heart change!

    in HIM -


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