Thursday, September 1, 2011

Riveting Stuff

I bit the side of my cheek with my molars.  It happened about a week ago, and now I have the biggest baddest canker sore evah.  I think it may actually just eat a hole entirely through my face. Can they do that?  Wait...don't tell me if it can. I don't wanna know.

I've tried gargling warm salt water (because this is what my Grandma has made me do since I was a toddler) but it's not helping all that much.  I've also been spraying it with sore throat numbing spray, and that helps for about 1.5 seconds.

Any tips for me?

On a totally other topic about me I am on day 4(of 10) of my low sugar/carb detox. I'm less cranky, for sure.  But I'd still love me a bowl of cookie dough...and by bowl, I mean mixing bowl.  I will admit, the food I am eating now is keeping my belly full much longer than the usual junk I eat, but at the end of the day, I'm just not eating all that much because, lets face it,  if I can't have sugar, I'd rather not eat.    

Also, yesterday on my morning run, my body was like, "What the heck?!?  Where's the sugar? Where's the carbs? I quit."  It felt terrible.  So tomorrow I'm gonna give my body what it's used to having before a run: peanut butter toast and coffee.  

Wow...aren't you glad I'm blogging again...riveting stuff here folks.  Riveting.


  1. Grab a bottle of L-Lysine vitamins. It helps build collagen and tissue. I take two pills everyday until my canker sore goes away. It works really well.

  2. I would swish around some hydrogen peroxide and then spit it out. I believe it will help.

  3. wonderful stuff. i love it. :)

    instead of gargling, try pouring salt onto a soaking wet cotton ball and pressing that inside your cheek. it'll taste real bad, but hold it for a minute if you can. then rinse. a few days of that oughta do the trick. maybe.

    also, you're my role model with your no-sugar, no-bad-carbs thing. from what i understand, if you're gonna eat sugar, right after you work out is the best time b/c your body burns it off in a snap! (...i've been told that by a trained professional.) good luck with it mama! also, could you maybe stick some of that motivation in an envelope and send it on down the river to me!? thanks. :)

  4. Do you ever eat Lara Bars? They are yummy and made solely from fruits and nuts, 5 ingredients or less. They give me tons of energy and they are actually yummy and not gross mystery bars with a zillion ingredients.

    I loathe canker sores. If you find a good solution, share, because I haven't. I only really get them when I'm pregnant, for some reason.

  5. Maybe you could get a hold of some viscous lidocaine through your doctor maybe even the dentist. Just put it on the affected place in your mouth (so your whole mouth won't be completely numb) It might last a bit longer than the spray. Feel better soon!

  6. The BEST thing for canker sore pain relief is called Kanka. It numbs the sore and seems to put a protective coating on it for awhile. It's made by blistex and I think I found in the section of the store where they sell orajel.

  7. Hope you're all better!- I say peroxide too.

  8. If you increase your healthy fat(olive, coconut oil, butter from grass fed cows, avocado) that will help diminish your cravings and still give your body what it needs! Sounds crazy to eat fat to lose it, but it really works! There are a couple really good books that have helped me change my eating and get off baby weight...The One Day Detox, the mood cure and eat fat, lose fat. Wouldn't you know I can't remember the authors but google can help you out with that:) good luck!!!


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