Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is Good

Sometimes...our weekends are full of such great stuff that Mondays I sit here at the computer tongue tied.  Words sometimes aren't enough to capture it all.  

Friday night we headed out for a family date night...all six of us.  Our first choice of restaurant turned out to have too long of a wait.  When there's 6 of you, there's no more squeezing into a booth, or a table technically meant for 4.  Instead, you wait until two tables open up...or you go somewhere less popular.  

Bring on less popular.  

We ended up here.  And yes, we took home a whole peanut butter pie.  It's my new favorite restaurant, because really, I'm an old soul...I belong at Village Inn...with the old people.

Saturday I painted more doors.  Red.  Hello front door:

Saturday night the boys played flag football "under the lights" it's a big deal.  I'm the big-loser mom who forgot her camera.

Sunday we had a fall/birthday party at my husband's family's farm.  

Eli celebrated with three other cousins.  

And then Grandpa Dave took us on a hayride.

Lucy loved it.

And then fell asleep.

And then woke up to let the little puppy lick her toes.

And a get-together is never complete without a little football...

Life is good.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Before & After

So, after I posted that pic of Jake on the table the other day, I noticed how shabby the material on my chairs looked.  It's been three years or so since I last covered them.

They started like this (3 years ago):  Boring and stained from my kids.

And then they looked like this:  Now faded, but great pattern and colors for hiding stains.

Yesterday I decided to hit the fabric store, and found some cute new stuff to fit better with my latest color scheme (while still hiding stains.)  Meet the new stuff:

Jake informed me he hates the new ones.  This, from the kid who made a hat this morning and then hung out outside while I staple-gunned my heart out inside.

I think Lucy loves the new look, no?

Happy Friday Friends!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Have I mentioned our impeccable table manners here in the parsonage family?

I give you reason #89 why you do not want to dine with us.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too Busy to Tell You...

Things I'm too busy to tell you about...

  • I've been reading blogs, it's easier to read then come up with a post.  
  • Lucy turned 5 months old.  She celebrated with her first fever and cold.  She's better now.
  • She has lost almost all her hair.  She's sporting a sort of come-over-mohawk right now.  It takes a special kind of cuteness to pull off this look.  She's done it.
  • I'm hooked on watching the show LA Ink.  It's about tattoo artists.  No I do not have one.  Yes I am way to much of a wuss to even contemplate wanting one unless an epidural was available.  You think they'd find it ironic that a pastors wife in tiny town Iowa was completely amused by their show?  I do.  For some reason, I find it fascinating.  My husband is not amused with my fascination.
  • My running partner has an injury so we've taken a break till it heals.  Technically, I could still be running, but I think it kinder of my to take a "sympathy break"  *cough*  I'm nice like that.
  • I've made it my goal to master the knit beret hat.  I always try them on and look like a dork, but THIS year, I'm gonna learn how to wear it right.  And, I can then go for DAYS without doing my hair, greasy roots will totally be hidden.  Brilliant.  It's amazing what laziness can inspire.  Pictures to come...after I actually find the hat and then learn how to wear it.
  • Today, my black leggings have Gus hair all over them.  Devastating. 
Happy Tuesday Blogland.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not the Same


This time last year I was either throwing up, or laying on the couch feeling like throwing up.  Little Lucy was the cause of those good times.  

And maybe you remember (because I beat it like a dead horse) that I had trained that summer to run a little half-marathon and then couldn't because the barfing made me dehydrated like 2 days before the race.  I was so bummed.

Funny how things change in a year.

This time last year she was a little person that consisted of a clump of cells, and now she is this:

This time last year I was ready to run a half-marathon.  This year, I ran that race...but in a relay.  My leg of it was a whole 3 miles.  It hurt.  I'm not a racer...I like to run at a leisurely pace. The desire to run further is gone.  The desire to run at all is dwindling.  I'm trying to make myself like it again, but it's just not happening.  Wishing my feelings would catch up to my actions.

So much changes in a year.  Some for the better.  Some not.  I find that I'm sort of trying to figure out where I fit and where stuff fits.  Prioritizing.  Trying to fit back into my "pre-baby-girl" life is just not working how I thought it would.  Kinda like my jeans.  They technically fit, but just don't feel quite the same.

I wouldn't change a thing.  Lucy has blessed our family beyond words.  It's like she's always been a part of us, or at least was always meant to be a part of us.  I look in the mirror and I see a different person than I saw a year ago. And I like her, but I'm also getting to know her to.  She's different.   

  • I'm a mother of 4.  
  • I'm no longer the mama of boys, but the mama of "the boys & Lucy"
  • I've been the youngest in my group of friends in tiny town, but our kids were all similar I have a baby, and the dynamics change.
  • Running has now become a group activity.  I used to like it and my friends didn't.  Now, they're all into it and I'm, well...not.
  • I've even decided to grow my hair out for awhile.  I KNOW!  
It's interesting how changes in life, physical or emotional change who we are.  Part of me misses my old self.  And part of me is looking forward to getting to know the new one better.  Part of me just wants everything to return to the "normal" I knew, and part is looking forward to the possibilities ahead.  The one thing I can't that it means change.  I am not the Sarah I was a year ago.  Sure, a lot of me is, but a lot of me is not.  It means changes in my real life, and likely changes in blog life.  

I'm done trying to fit back in.  I'm ready for the new.  Ready to be open to the possibilities God has in store for me.  Bring it.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Joy of My Life...

Riddle me this:  What does it say about me, when the below pictured item, made me absolutely giddy?

This lovely gate, which , by the way, I made two trips to Wal-Mart in the same day (once with one child, the next time with 5) just to purchase it.  Don't forget, I live in tiny-town...Wal-Mart is not next door.  The first time I didn't think they carried one long enough.  So I checked two other nearby stores.  Nada.  But, turns out, had I talked to my husband before my first trip, he could have suggested hooking it to the cupboard then, making the gate at Wal-Mart totally doable. 

Answer to Riddle:  I watch a couple of one year olds a few days a week.  I have a Basset Hound that can't resist food on the counter.  I have three boys who can't seem to remember to stay out of the (tiny) kitchen while I'm cooking.  

Who knew a small gate could fix all my problems?  ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving On...

Last week was one of those horrible, ugly, can't-wait-till-it's-over kind of weeks.

I had strep.  Jake had strep.  Blah blah blah.  We're all glad to move on from it.

I have a deadline looming over my head for some ministry related projects...which is a fancy way of saying I've procrastinated until the last possible minute and if I don't get my butt in gear and write/mail some letters no one will show up to our Wed. night kids program or ladies Bible study because they won't even know it's started yet.

More later...