Monday, February 20, 2012

Around Here...

The remodel project is coming along!  

And upstairs...

...just little sneak peaks. :)  I promise a whole walk through once it's done.

Right now I should be painting...


My organization spree continues.  Again.

I started using a plain old planner from Target this fall.  Just to see if I would actually use it.  And I did *insert clapping for myself*

So, when I found a coupon for this planner that I've been dreaming about.  I jumped on it.

Thank you 

The. Cutest. Planner. Ever.

On another note...

  • I went to vacuum out my van today, but then decided it was too windy.
    I'd likely get a ticket for littering once I opened the van doors and the wind got a hold of all the garbage in there.  Now, instead, it can just blow out when I pick the boys up from school.  Nice.
  • Priming drywall is hard work.  And I am a wimp.  
  • I stood in Target for several minutes trying to find the best deal on ground coffee (by the pound.)  Because lately, I've been a little picky.  And cheap.  I finally decided on one that was $7.99 (Archer Farms Caramel.)  Oddly, I didn't think twice about the almost $5 I paid for ONE grande iced caramel macchiato that I giddily bought from Starbucks on my way out Target's door.  At least I'm aware of my discrepancies.
  • Lucy thinks Curious George is a dog.    
  • I watched The Bodyguard twice this weekend.  Once, on Lifetime, while there were ten hours of commercials...but I did get my whole ironing pile done.  Then last night, DVR'd, so I could skip commercials.  I have no shame.   
Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hair Cute

Every time I write the word "hair cut"  I first write "hair cute" by accident.  Seriously, every time.  

Because in my brain, hair cut = cute.  I love getting hair cuts.  I've been growing mine out for awhile now.  Just for something different.  I'm also planning on donating to Locks of Love, so it's gonna have to get longer before I can chop it off.  Oh what fun that day will be!  But that is not the point of this post...

Back to the point.  I had been trying to grow Lucy's bangs out.  But no matter what I did, she wouldn't not leave the "pretties" in her hair.   So she ended up looking like this:

 I surrendered this battle to bangs. 

Lucy now goes to her own salon (because it's cheaper than mama's ;) and her own stylist...which is a girl.  Named Randall.  

She's quite pleased with her new look. ;)

The go to an Aveda salon, so most of the stuff I use comes from there because I looooove the smell of it.  But, on the day that I took Lucy in for her hair cut, I was having a particularly bad hair day.

I had straightened it, but it wasn't really straight.  So the girl at the salon hooked me up with this stuff:


It turns my hair from this (dried naturally)

To this:  


Also, enjoy the view behind me.  Kids, toys, cartoons & laundry on the floor.  That's us.

The End.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I so enjoyed your comments and emails on my last post.  Thank you.  It's good to be understood. :)

Last week I had one of those weeks where I just couldn't shake my bad mood.  The fact that I couldn't pinpoint what was causing it just made my mood worse.     That saying, "If mama's not happy, nobody's happy" couldn't  be more true.  

It was even more annoying that I knew my mood was terrible.  I knew it was affecting my family, I just couldn't break free from it.  

Until this weekend.  

It had been a couple of weeks since I've been able to run outside.  A couple of weeks without my running buddy.  

Months of remodeling.

Kids with sickness.

A husband, whose already crazy schedule, was made even crazier by working on the remodel.

Cabin fever. 

I needed a break.  But sometimes, amidst the chaos, there just isn't time for a break.  

Saturday I was able to run outside.  4.75 miles of therapy.  I came home feeling better already.  

On Monday, it ended up that Ben didn't need to help on the remodel project, and a dear friend took Lucy for us so we could just hang out.  

I snapped this picture before we left.  Happy?  Yes.  Dork?  Yep.

We got groceries, used a gift card to Subway, and then sat at Starbucks for a couple hours.  I worked on my Bible Study, pausing way too often to share thoughts and other random stuff that we just haven't had time to share lately.  Ben read his book, and patiently put up with my interruptions.  

It's funny how something that simple...and short, was so refreshing.  It was a gift.  And a lesson.

God has hardwired me a certain way and I need to be aware of it, before the "Sarah that no one wants to be around including myself" emerges.  

 - I need to run.  Physically and mentally I need it.  
 - I need a break from my kids.  I love them dearly, but the constant-ness of                it all can be overwhelming.  
 - I need time alone with my husband.  Even if it's just a few hours.  
 - I need to not live on a diet of sugar alone.  

I made a pact with Ben.  I told him he needs to help remind me of these things, BEFORE I end up in the place I was last week...the place of the wretched mood that won't go away.  

You might notice that the list is void of the spiritual things I need.  That's on purpose.  I'm completely aware of the spiritual things I need.  It's a lesson I had to learn and relearn a million times.  I need to be in His Word, I need fellowship through prayer, I need to worship through music.  It's my given.  Last week all those things were present.  And that's good.  The above list, specific to me, was sort of God's unique personal touch on the other things I need as well.  

How about you guys?  Do you know what you need?  Or, like me, do you easily forget?

I need internet too.  I should have added that. ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get a Real Job

Anyone remember that song, "Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job?"  It's a classy one, for sure.  Anyways, it's been running through my head this week.  Let me refresh your brain about  the chorus.

Get a haircut and get a real job

Clean your act up and dont be a slob

Get it together like your big brother Bob

Why dont you, get a haircut and get a real job

Being a stay at home mom and a pastors wife sometimes feels like being on a treadmill.  And we know how I feel about the treadmill.  In that, I'm putting forth great could say busting my butt ;) and still, when I hop off that treadmill, even if the little dashboard says 3 was 3 miles in ONE spot.  Which never quite feels the same as 3 miles of actual trail or pavement behind me.

Kinda like staying at home.  And ministry.  It's feeling a bit like a hamster wheel.  At the end of the night, I sit down and I'm exhausted.  You'd never know I ran the dishwasher, vacuumed, did 3 loads of laundry blah blah blah because at that moment, there are dishes to be done, cheerios on the floor, and  dirty clothes awaiting.

And that feeling of the treadmill creeps in.  That feeling of wondering if I really am making a difference or just working my tail off without going anywhere...without progress.

I stay at home.  Certainly I should be able to keep up.  I mean, what do I do all day?  (I hope you read that with sarcasm.  If not, go back and do's fun.  Trust me.)

I think I'm realizing that I can't keep up.

There, I said it.  I can't keep up. Because even with staying at home, it's more work than one person can do.   At least with my (ridiculous) standards it is.   

And that's O.K.  

So, to all the stay at home mom's out there who also can't keep up:  *fist bump* or *knuckle bump* or whatever they call it, to YOU.

It's this season of life God has placed me in.  And it's good.  Very, very good.  And it's also totally fine to not keep up with all of it. 

So here's to not keeping up.  Because dang it, it's still a REAL job. ;)  

But I really could use a haircut...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Around Here...

While perusing the aisles of Target recently, I bought this laundry detergent based solely on the fact that I loved the box.  It's pretty.  It cost more than the stuff I usually buy.  It brings me cheer.  

And it smells good.  

I can't get enough of this Bible study by Beth Moore.  It has me reading commentaries.  And rubbing my temples because sometimes it makes my brain hurt.  In a good way.

I've been doing a little sewing.  Nothing fancy.  I made this little cushion for the rocking chair that Lucy got for Christmas.  She insists on not sitting on the cushion...she flips it up every time she sits down. 

Baby Alive goes everywhere.. is everywhere.  Lucy loves her.  She is also always naked.  I'm not sure what Lucy has against her babies being clothed.  

The Kindle's dreamy.

I've been working on getting things organized around here.  Again.  The funny thing about organizing is that doing it once does not keep you organized.  Apparently it's an ongoing thing.  A Lifestyle.  Shocking, huh?  

I prefer the organize then get messy then organize then get messy approach to life.  Right now, I'm in the organize phase.  Which is sort of ridiculous since I'm also in the remodel/addition phase of our home.  

By the way, the downstairs of the addition got painted last week.  EEK!  But when I try to take pictures of it, well, let's just say it looks weird.  More on that later.

Messy faces...
 Thanks to pinterest.  Again.

I recovered the dining room chairs again.  This time I used a "laminated cotton" so it's wipe-able without being to plastic feeling.  So far, I love them.  

This hangs on the fridge...bossing me around every day.  

And that there is a whole lot of random.  As is our life.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I made these last night.  Layer upon sugary layer.  They weren't ready to eat until this morning.  

Best breakfast ever.

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee.

You can click on the link under the picture that says howsweeteats to get the recipe.

It's better than real snickers.  Ohmyword.

PS - It's worth the extra pounds...completely worth it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Crime:  

Right boot

Left boot

The Weapon:  Dry erase marker

The Guilty Party:

Her brother left the marker upstairs.  We forgot to gate the stairs.  Really, she's a victim of her circumstances.

Plus, she's cute.  That helps.

When Ben discovered the boots and brought them downstairs, I couldn't help but just shake my head.  By the 4th child, I've learned that nothing is sacred from the devastating effect of the marker. And let's be honest...Uggs are for comfort over fashion anyways.  I'm still wearing them.  Now they just have character. ;)

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