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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anyone Else?

I need to know I'm not the only one.

Tell me you all are getting these emails from companies saying... I love your site, and I am interested in creating a partnership with you, and would like to speak with you further about this opportunity.  That particular one came from here.

Every time I get one, I think to myself...sure you've been to my site...sure you just LOVE it *pfffff*  

I always ignore them.  But now they are "following" up because they have not heard from me.  For real?!?  

I'd like them to explain to me what they LOVE about my blog.  Was it the run-on sentences and made up words mixed in with a little bad grammar?  Was it the constant use of bullet points?  Or the lack of consistency on any given topic that compels them to give me products to review?  Hmm, inquiring minds would like to know.

Apparently the economy really is THAT bad.  Who knew?!? 

*insert tongue in cheek accompanied by an eye roll*

Happy Tuesday!  I love Tuesdays...especially Bible Study Tuesday's...there's nothing like a good spiritual tongue lashing from Beth Moore...she gets me everytime!  Just where I need it. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Have a Favor to Ask...

I promise I'll try to stop talking about "feeds" and other soon as it's fixed.  Turns out I have 2 blog feeds and only one (the one that has about 5 people subscribed to it) transferred and the other was deleted.  So, I just made a new feed and yeah I'll lose some people, but I'm trusting they'll find their way back :)

So, if mine have not been updating in your reader lately go ahead and re-add my blog into your reader like you did the first time...except now it should have a valid feed again.  Make sense?  

Sorry for the extra work!  I promise it'll be worth it.  Kidding...I can't promise that.  BUT, I can totally bribe you.

If you haven't been getting my blog updates this week, and you go through ALL THE EFFORT to un-subscribe me from your reader and then re-add me again, leave me a comment and let me know and you'll be registered for a $5 gift card to Starbucks...because apparently it's only worth a measly $5 to me :)

Frankly, I think FeedBurner and Google should be handing out $5 gift cards...but who listens to me.

And, if for some reason this blog totally disappears because of my messing around with codes and worries.  I'll find you and tell you...somehow.

Update on Life:  Going good.  Weather:bad.  Family:healthy.  Coffee:  Been drinking Folgers:  Yuck.  Running:  Good and sore.  Friends & Family:  Lot's going on, big stuff, praying hard.  Jesus:  So incredibly faithful...and EVERY TIME we go through the Easter story, even parts of it, I cry.  Can't help it.   Weekend:  YAY!

Next week's posts have GOT to be better.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Got Lazy...

Three years ago when I moved to tiny-town one thing was blatantly obvious. If I was going to make friends here, it was going to take some effort on my part. In a small town where everyone knows each other it can be a little tricky to convince them you'd be an excellent addition to their little group.

I was on a mission to make friends. I'm certain I scared some off with my neediness eagerness.

Don't get me wrong, people were always kind and friendly to me, and I never felt like they were purposely trying to exclude me, it was just the simple fact that most groups of friends have an unspoken limit...most of the time we're not even aware of it, but I'm convinced it's true.

We get comfortable in groups. It's a weird phenomenon, but it happens to me all the always has. We find those that we have some connection with and we settle in.

I eventually found my niche in tiny town. I've made friends and acquaintances. Connected who's related to who. And formed a group without even realizing it. Has our little group ever intentionally tried to make someone feel excluded? Absolutely not. Is there a chance that we've made someone feel excluded just by being together...probably.

Which brings me to my point (finally). Once I settled in and felt comfortable with the amount of friends I'd made, I stopped trying. Stopped reaching out to make new friends. Got lazy. Real lazy.

Same thing happened in bloggy land. Last year when I first started, I commented on all kinds of new blogs, visited the blog of any new commenter's...desperate to find my niche. And once I did...the familiar feeling of comfort set in and I thought to myself, as I often do, good enough.

And now I hear God whispering....No Sarah, not good enough.

Deep down I know I'm missing out on great new friendships, both real and bloggy ones. Now, I'm not talking about numbers of friends here, because balance is always involved. I'm talking about noticing and recognizing those around me in the same way I noticed them when I was searching for friendship.

So...out of my comfort zone, once again. And if you're new here, I will find you...consider yourself warned ;) And to all of you who've stuck with my boringness and become such good friends, reading and commenting so faithfully, THANK YOU! It really is part of what makes blogging so much fun.

Here's to doing better than enough.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's the Spice of Life.

Let me start off by telling you how blown away I am with the quality of some your blogs. Generally, I try not to dwell on your fabulousness because it seems to cause me to sit frozen at the computer unable to come up with a post.

There are all kinds of blogs. ALL kinds. Mine falls into the easiest category. It's called "here's what I did today." It works for me...because well, I'm a little lazy, and this kind requires the least amount of effort...I think.

Some are filled with deep spiritual insight and Bible study, some are crafty, some have recipes, some are helpful etc. with great tips about pretty much anything you can think of.

My Google reader is filled with all kinds of these different blogs. I am convinced that variety is the spice of life. We are meant to be different...and to share it.
One of my new favorites is called Small Notebook it is full of all sorts of goodness! And if you click on her links there's a bunch of other great sites that she's got all labeled and organized for you.
And, in true parsonage life fashion...something totally unrelated to what I was talking about...

Here is my new haircut. Because well, it's different than it was...and I like change. If only my hair grew at a really rapid rate, then I could try all sorts of stuff...maybe in heaven that will happen!!! You never know :)

Any new favorite blogs I should know about?!? C'mon, give it up. OR are there any kinds of blogs in particular that you enjoy reading?

Nosy aren't I.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The day is fast approaching. The day of the visual post...where you get to see and hear what I sound like in real life.
Three words.
Traum-a-tizing's one word...I exaggerate slightly.
I did a practice one, viewed it, and then taped a second one with my reaction...ya know, for dramatic effect.
Every time I view it I have the same thoughts...
  • Thank you Lord that I do not have to see myself when I talk
  • and that I sound different in my own head
  • and that people in real life actually like me.

It's sure to entertain you...and further traumatize me.

Feel like joining in on the fun? Click on the little thingy and join in on the 30th!

And please, PLEASE try to make yourself sound annoying...because it will make me feel better about myself.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Do Not Blog List

The other day I noticed my Labels/Stuff I Write About list along my sidebar...and thought geeesh, that's a lot of stuff.

But in reality, all the stuff I don't write about would make a much longer list.

When I started blogging, I knew there were certain things that I would not be able to share with the blog world.

In relationships and especially in ministry confidentiality is key. After all, who's gonna wanna come pour their heart out to me if there's a chance I'm gonna post about it?

I call it my "Do Not Blog" list.

You see, where I live it's a small world...a very itsy bitsy teeny tiny little world.

Tiny Town
+Tiny Church
+20 minutes away from small town where both my husband and I grew up
= Microscopic world.

You add in those three elements, and it is amazing how quickly people can connect the dots. There's no use in trying to disguise names in order to world is just too small. And, I like it that way.

Here's my list: (some of it anyways)
  • Ben, my husband: Oh sure, I'll do it occasionally, because he really is a great husband, and daddy, and pastor...but I'm selfish, and I like to keep him to myself ;)
  • Frustrations involving: immediate family, extended family, Church family, friends, acquaintances, tiny-town residents, our school system, etc.
  • Private conversations
  • Annoyances (unless it's just with myself :)
  • Difficult circumstances that involve anyone in my real life
  • Church "business"
  • Anything that could totally humiliate my boys or anyone I know.

Guess what...that's a lot of stuff...a lot of my life that can't be blogged about.

Which pretty much leaves the list of things on my sidebar, which boils down to a total and complete hodge podge (I love that word.)

I love reading your blogs...getting a glimpse into your lives. I realize though, that it truly is just a glimpse.

So, I'm curious. What's on your "DO NOT BLOG" list?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I May Need to Talk to the Teacher...

I pulled this out of Noah's backpack yesterday.

Crack me up.

I asked him if his teacher knew what a blog was, he said "yeah, kinda...I explained it to her."

So I asked him to explain it to me...and he smiled and told me he "couldn't remember what he said."

Oh how I'd love to hear his explanation that he's now too shy to tell me:)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 15 Minutes Are Up...

A couple interesting things...interesting to me at least.

Here's what I've decided. Blogging is like therapy. I've never been to (professional) therapy (not that I haven't needed it) but I'm a big supporter of it, for sure, particularly if the therapists knows Who the ultimate healer truly is.

I've been looking back over what I've written over the past few months and it's interesting to see things progress. At the time, the writing itself is therapeutic...and then re-reading it was maybe even more beneficial.

At the end of each month, I go back and print off my blog for the month. (Do you do this?) I'm old school...I like a paper copy. Because for me, it really is kind of like a journal of everyday life...and someday, just maybe my grandson's wife will want to read about how her father-in-law hung from the ceiling fan...I'm just saying.

Another cool thing happened the other friend Sarah called because her mother in law was visiting from out of town and happens read my blog and wanted to meet me in person. I was giddy. That's the first time that anyone has ever WANTED to meet me! Oh sure, I meet people all the time...but I'm pretty sure it's not because they read my blog and actually want to meet me! Made me feel a little famous...or "infamous" as my friend Sarah said ;)

So yesterday, Sarah and Arlona came over for coffee...and I made muffins (which were a little dry and crusty, but lets not talk about that.) Arlona, you totally made my day, thank you!

No worries...the Lord quickly humbled me in my famousness. Last night at Noah's first flag football practice I sat with all my friends...yeah, just me. Not even Eli and Jake would hang around very long before gallivanting off with their little buddies.

Apparently, the flag football parents to do not read my blog *wink wink*

PS - I also got to see another blogger friend (who happens to be the other daughter-in-law to Arlona) this past weekend...I told her I'd wait and post pictures when she gets backs's only fair.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Staring At Me...

If I could give out gold medals for blog comments all you guys would get gold for yesterdays. Seriously.

Two ideas spoke to me through your comments.

  1. My heart wandering issue

  2. My 3 year old's stubbornness is driving me crazy...I am God's 3 year old.

I'll tackle the first today and the second tomorrow.

It's the miracle that is...blogging. Journaling, with feedback. And your feedback got me thinking... a lot. Mama Belle (my bff whom I've never met who lives in/by the bayou where I've never been) said this to me, "You do know we all struggle with this, right?"And I said (not out loud) to myself, "Pfffff...of course I do Mama Belle." And the next thought that IMMEDIATELY followed was "but I'm sure my heart wanders away more quickly than theirs."

And there ya have it. Truth with a tiny lie attached to the end of it. I know it's a universal struggle for Christians...I've just believed that just maybe ya'll can keep your hearts from so easily being swayed from it's first love...Jesus. Where exactly this thought process came from, I have no idea...but yesterday I was made aware of it. The truth is, that I know first hand how easily my heart may be the at the root of all of our struggles as Believer's...after all, the first commandment was to have no other gods.

Speaking of no other gods...yesterday I just happened to go to the post office, and there just happened to be a certain book there that I had ordered last week from Amazon. Yep. This book. I ordered it sort of on a whim, last week. Some bloggy friends had said they're reading it, and when I was on Amazon ordering something else, this little book popped up and I clicked on it.

Last night I opened it and read to about page 13 before I set it down and tried to devise a plan to somehow forget I'd ever seen it. It's that good :) I came up with no good plan. It keeps staring at me even as I type this.

I know the Holy Spirit wants to use this book to show me areas of my life that need to change. But change is hard...and frankly, I'm a tad lazy.

But here it is. The root of the issue...staring at me from my desk. God has taught me innumerable lessons (most of them multiple times) and there is one thing I know for sure. I can run from this...but God, in His infinite love for me, will out-run me. I can surrender now, or I can totally wear myself out first, but either way...He's gonna deal with this issue. I think I'll do it now :)

So...I'm off to begin confronting my modern day idols...and separate my kids so they don't kill each other...all in a days work ;)

Oh also makes me think of a song :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I May Be Asking For It...

I've noticed something interesting this week. People can be mean when they don't have to be accountable for it.

On several of the blogs I read, the bloggers have gotten what I consider, rude comments from anonymous commenters. And interestingly enough, it brings out the mama bear in me.

Got me thinking. It's one thing to disagree with the opinions presented, but it's a whole other arena to start making assumptions and attacks anonymously. I simply think that's cowardly and completely unnecessary. I think if one finds themselves writing something that is so harsh that they are unwilling to put their name behind it, ummm giant red flag.

One of the most freeing things for me, about blogging, is that people don't have to read what I write. If they like it, they come back. If they don't enjoy made up words and bad grammar, they're free to leave...quickly.

I'm not submitting my thoughts before the blog world for critique, but for the simple act of sharing. This is how I in return view other's blogs. I think it's a little thing that can be sung to the tune R-E-S-P-E-C-T...

I'm sure eventually all bloggers get to experience the joy of rude anonymous commenters. I've been blogging now for six months and amazingly enough have only received sweet comments. I know my time is coming. By the looks of it, it may be this week ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still Learning...

I head a great little clip on the radio yesterday.

I think it was Chip Ingram, but I'm not for sure. Here's my interpretation.

He talked about how we measure our spiritual growth. How do we know if we are growing in Christ? Is it by standards such as faithfully spending time in God's Word, prayer, tithing, church attendance?

He noted that those are all great things, but if the apostle Paul were asked the question, he would probably not use those criteria. He would most likely ask himself, "Am I loving Christ more and am I loving others more?"

Wow. That there is the kicker. The heart of the issue. The external stuff is all good stuff, but alone, without loving Christ and others more, it's meaningless.

Interesting how we, as people, love to judge ourselves and others FIRST on outside criteria, rather than looking at ourselves and others and examining how loving we are. I do it all the time...but now, I am using a new standard, for myself and others.

First: "Am I growing in my love for Jesus and others?"
Second: "How is it shown?"
Good stuff.

On another totally random thought: Last night I got a new (super kind) comment on this post (you should go look at the comment ;). I didn't recognize the name so I clicked on their profile. Turns out it was the Pastor in the article I wrote about! How cool is that?!? Ya never know who's reading or how they found you...which makes blogging fun and intimidating all at the same time :)

OK...back to the Olympics...which by the way, is KILLING me at night...I'm so tired! I'm even recording it, but who can go to bed and not see the results?!? Not I!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Melts My Heart...

My self-proclaimed "middle-est" little guy, Eli, went from this:

To these navy blue little numbers:

How cute is he!?!

He only needs to wear them while doing school work, so hopefully it's not too hard of an adjustment.

He will be starting Kindergarten in 11 days. And now I am realizing just how fast our summer has gone.

I keep debating on whether I need to take a bloggy break for a week (or so)...and decided that I can still post, and then shut the computer one's forcing me to sit here and read and read and READ :) (and it's only a week...I can do it...can't I?!)

So...for the next week I'm taking a partial blog break (posting but not reading), there's lots of stuff around here that needs my full attention...three named: Noah, Eli, and Jake...oh and one named get the idea ;)

Oh, one more posting ANYTHING good while I'm gone...I don't want to miss anything ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008


To all my non-blogging (and blogging) readers out there...I apologize...this post is going to be oh-so boring to you. But come back tomorrow because I'm putting all my fall fashion wisdom (from one magazine read) into a bullet point list...not to be missed ;)

I am having some major issues regarding my blogroll! Now that I've been blogging awhile (5 months) I read a lot of google reader says 86 to be exact. I decided it was time to update my blogroll, but HOW?!?

Here's my questions:
  • How many is too many for my blogroll?
  • Is it rude to read someone's blog regularly and never add them?
  • Is it ok to have my blogroll as a link rather than all alongside my sidebar?

Help. What criteria do you use to decide what makes the cut?!?

Tell me...what does your blogroll represent?!?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's fairly obvious that I am very easily amused.

This is why Sitemeter provides endless hours of amusement for me. See, told you.

The most entertaining for me is Referrals. Referrals tells me where people came from and how they got to my blog. Generally, it's from one of your sweet blogs that has me on their blogroll (thanks for that, by the way.) But's from what strangers have Googled. Emphasis on strangers.

This is where it gets interesting and a tad bit disturbing.

OK, So here's a few...

People Googled:

"Who wears loafers" and got this.

"God humoring His people" and got this.

"Ceiling fan life-span" and got this.

"Good enough wallpapers" and got this.

"Selling Rocks" and got this.

"Sexy pastors wife" YEAH. Is that not a tad bit disturbing?!? Who Googles that?!? It ended up taking them to my profile pic on Google images along with several other pastor's wives who I'm sure had NO CLUE their faces would pop up after being googled for that. Turns out that it picked up "pastors wife" from my profile bio. HA! Thanks Google for putting me on page 1 of THAT search...Google it's a crazy little thing.

And the kicker "Google" has to do with this post I did when I first started blogging. The title was a mistake. BIG mistake. I was a new blogger...I didn't know that it would cause people with some serious problems to Google and get taken to this post of my cute little guy. Lesson learned. I have since just saved it as a draft so that it cannot be googled anymore...but brought it up just for you today...don't you feel special.

What the FUNNIEST part of it is, is that people googled that stuff, and then actually clicked on my blog thinking they would get information that they were looking for...HA! I just picture them staring at the computer saying, "What the heck?!?"

Oh's a terribly amusing thing.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Tour

The time has come. Blog mission statement time. Remember this? Your sweet comments may keep me blogging forever.

A mission statement has proved to be very difficult for me, and I couldn't quite pin point why...until now. You see, I've wanted to wrap up my purpose for writing in 3-4 well written sentences. Clear and concise. Pretty little package. And therein lies the problem.

My purpose in writing varies, from day to day. I rarely plan ahead what a post will be. Usually, it involves me sitting down with a huge mug of coffee, asking God to show me what, in my daily life, is usable. Each day in my life is different. And each day at this blog is different. Mama Belle commented that it's kinda like what Forrest Gump said about life and a box of chocolates, "ya never know what you're gonna get" ...oh how right she is.

No matter what the content for the day may be, there are a few things that I do want present in every post....

Mission: Life in the Parsonage is about candidly walking through my daily life, in all the various roles I play, and finding significance in the insignificant. I want it to be refreshing, and real. I want to be transparent because I want those who read to say, "yep, I relate to that." I want people to leave with a smile, because no matter what may be going on in my day...God always, always gives me something to smile about. And although shoes and haircuts are mentioned profusely...the most important theme I hope sticks is an unmistakable desire to grow closer to my Jesus.
You can go to Becoming Me for more blog mission statements...what better way to find great blogs?!?

Friday, July 11, 2008


Just thought you should know what a fantastic writer I am...and how deeply I challenge your reading skills ...

blog readability test

Try not to be too impressed by my large vocabulary (of made up words) and complex (run-on) sentence structure. I can't help is a gift. Beautiful writing giftedness...of a 13 to 14 year old.

Kudos to us and our smartness :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pretty Please...

I need your help....desperately. Am I sounding desperate?!? Hope so...because I need you to feel bad enough for me that ya'll HELP ME!

Becoming Me, a really, really well written blog, is hosting this:

I've never participated in any sort of tour before...which (I think) may make me a tour snob, but this one caught my attention. Mostly because I haven't quite nailed down what the mission of my blog is (in any cohesive manner.) Oh sure, I can give you a bullet list of things, but not a Mission Statement..and by that I mean several sentences neatly placed together...ones that actually make sense. If you're interested in touring along, check it out.

Now the actual tour does not start until July 13-18, but as I've been mulling this over and over, I decided that I totally need your help. I'm also curious to see if what I think my blog is about is actually what you're perceiving it to be...if that makes any sense whatsoever.

It doesn't matter to me whether you're a frequent visitor/lurker here or just stopping by, let me know what YOU think this blog is about...what's the mission?...what makes you come back!?! Seriously, what!?! *insert sincere smile with pleading eyes, here*

You all are pressure, but please come up with something good ;) HA!

Oh, of course I won't leave you without my bullet list... (you however need to leave me with thoughts that are in complete sentences...I know, so not fair)

  • run-on sentences

  • over-use of the words totally, so, and symbols :) ;) ... !!!

  • randomness

  • made-up words

  • Proving God's endless love, grace, and patience though my inadequacies.

  • Life in Tiny-town i.e. tornados and floods :)

  • Real life..the funny and not so funny.

  • little boys whose antics I rely on for blog fodder

Alright....let me have's your chance :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

One More Thing...

I forgot to formally announce to ya'll that I am now on twitter. Whatever that means...because I really don't have a clue to the purpose of it, except that is sorta reminds me of the Status thingy on Facebook (which I happen to enjoy).

So, if you're on twitter, ummm let me know so I can be your twitter friend (or something like that) Really, I should learn more about stuff before I tell ya'll I'm on it :)

Lastly, I can't even say Twitter without thinking of the scene in Bambie, where Thumper tells him that all the animals that are in love are "twitterpated" ...SEE what I have to put up with in my head?!? No wonder I'm so tired!! *smiles*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh...It's Real...

I think I am experiencing some sort of phenomenon that I am going to diagnose as "Blog mouth." What!?! You haven't heard of this?!? Hmmm....may be because I made it up...and I may be the only person that has it...but if you are experiencing three or more of the following symptoms, you should refrain from calling your doctor and instead write a blog post about it...because really, it's all about coming up with a post.


  • find yourself saying to other people (kind) things that you used to just think to yourself, but now after experiencing "comment crack" you know how important it is to just say the nice words...thinking a little affirmation will make the other person feel good...or make them think you are a crazy stranger.

  • Feel like everyone out there is a possible friend, therefore strike up conversations with random people in random places.

  • Begin telling someone a story, and part way through, they say "Oh, I know...I already read it on your blog." Thus making you feel the need to start every conversation with, "Do you read my blog?"

  • Talk about blog friends so much, that even your husband knows the names of your "imaginary" blog friends.

  • Actually say "imaginary friends and comment crack"

Oh...I'm in deep with this bloggy stuff...deep deep deep. I'm off to google support groups for "blog mouth"...

Happy Monday Friends!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I embarked on a series of dumb moves yesterday, regarding my blog. I got the wild idea to get a new free layout. Which is a fantastic idea, if you actually have the skills to accomplish it...I however, do not, and it ended up costing me hours of my life, just to get back my widgets (techi blog term) and same layout. In the process, I also deleted my cute header...but Shell saved the day (again)!

Since I had wasted so much time getting my old stuff back, I also decided to add some new stuff too...which I frankly have no idea how it works, but is doing a fantastic job of junkin' up my page ;) From now on, I'm leaving the blog layouts to the professionals. So, if you hear of any free blog layout giveaways, let me know...I'll totally register!

Oh yeah...this is what my 3 year old was cooking-up while his mommy was on the computer...
Gotta remember to hide that (tampon)'s not the first time he's opened them all can bet I'm saving this one for just the right girl someday :)

My blog fiasco yesterday caused me to drink an (extra) excessive amount of caffeine. Last night I laid in bed (forever) trying to come up with some good post ideas...nothing. NOTHING?!? But I did start making a mental list of words that I overuse on my blog & comments...

  • totally
  • cute
  • LOVE
  • so
  • adorable
  • fantastic
  • great
  • ...
  • :)

I think that about covers it. I know it's bad when I start to annoy myself with those words. My vocabulary standard is very, very low...and I'm still annoyed. I need some new words of encouragement to share. I've got nothing.

I need your help. Need some new words. Help me.

In real life...I overuse words too. I say Good Grief! all the time...for everything. I'm also notorious for the phrases "It'll be fine" "It'll work out" "Good enough."

The phrases I use with my kids should be a post of its own...the last few days is has been

  • turn the hose OFF!!!!
  • go to your bed until I tell you to come down.
  • stop touching each other...don't even look at each other.
  • no you can't have a snack, you just ATE.
  • Jake, you go get the diaper and leave Odie alone.

Can you tell we're adjusting to summer vacation!?! *smiles* OK, let me have it...what are you saying?

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